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Birkdale Roof Cleaning by Roof Clean Australia helps eliminate mould, dirt, and debris and may extend the life of your roof and decrease the risk of leaks and damage. 

Located just 20kms from Brisbane CBD in the Redlands, Birkdale is an absolutely wonderful place to live, work and play. However, living so close to the ocean, as great as it is, can throw up some unwanted nasties when it come to your home's exterior, especially the roof.

The salt air, birds and bats certainly don't improve the integrity of the appearance of your roof. That's where Roof Clean Australia come in! At Roof Clean Australia, we specialise in premium soft washing all roof types typically found in the Birkdale area.  Backed by our own 30-month guarantee all of our Birkdale roof cleaning jobs come with our unique 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Oh, and did we mention we have over 20-years experience helping families and businesses in and around Birkdale!

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Why Choose Roof Clean Australia For Your Birkdale Roof Cleaning Project?

Quality, quality, quality! To Roof Clean Australia, quality is our number-one focus for all our roof cleaning services. From the moment you speak to our customer service team in our permanently staffed office right the way through to the completion of your roof clean and in the months that follow you will instantly notice the Roof Clean Australia difference.

Our Birkdale roof cleaning technicians are all highly skilled, incredibly experienced and take great pride in their work. All of our vehicles are fitted with the latest roof cleaning equipment. We also have state-of-the-art gutter vacuum equipment should your gutters need clearing. Our technicians will photograph your gutters and if they’re blocked, show you the images and for a reasonable cost we can also clear your gutters.

When it comes to choosing the perfect company to clean your roof we understand the choices out there can be overwhelming. For the past two-years we have offered an industry-first written 30-month guarantee on all of our Birkdale roof cleaning jobs.  This guarantee offers you the peace-of-mind you deserve and the knowledge your roof will stay clean for months after we’ve gone.

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Birkdale Roof Cleaning with Lasting Results 

Our roof cleaning methods ensure the removal of mould and dirt from your roof. Unlike pressure washing, which involves spraying pressurised water to blast away grime, soft washing involves a gentler process.

Standard pressure washing requires the use of high-pressure blasts of water. The pressure is strong enough to cause damage to your roof.

Our method is gentler, quieter, and more efficient. It requires less water and uses low to medium pressure instead of high pressure. The results can also last longer when compared to regular pressure washing.

We use a two-stage cleaning process to deliver superior results. Our team starts by applying a specialised blend of chemicals that naturally break down dirt and mould. We then use a cleaning tool to rinse the roof clean using low to medium pressure. 

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Discover the Advantages of Professional Birkdale Soft Washing 

The average lifespan of a roof can vary from between 25 to 50 years. Dirt and debris shorten the lifespan and may cause additional issues along the way, such as leaks.  Keeping your roof in great condition has many advantages; including:

  • Prevent leaks and water damage
  • Save money by avoiding repairs
  • Protect the interior of your home
  • Boost the kerb appeal of your property

Our soft wash system is tried and tested and is, by far, the most beneficial way to clean your roof in an effective, safe and damage-free manner. 

Traditionally, companies have simply used pressure washers to clean roofs.  While pressure washers do remove dirt, mould and lichen they can also cause structural damage to colorbond, tin and tiles due to targeted water pressure. Soft washing, as the name suggests, will get your roof looking the best it can without the potential of damaging your roof.

Birkdale Fair courtesy of Redlands Council

We are proudly a local Birkdale business servicing  residential and commercial customers across the whole of Birkdale and surrounding suburbs right across The Redlands for over 20-years.

Our 30-month roof cleaning guarantee is an industry first innovation and it shows just how much we stand behind our team, service and ability.

Contact us today for more information and to book your next Birkdale roof cleaning job. 

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Roof Clean Australia. Birkdale's Premier Roof Cleaning Experts.

Roof Clean Australia is a trusted choice for Birkdale roof cleaning and the surrounding region. Our team has over 20 years of roof cleaning experience. It is our specialty and sole service.

We also have a very special relationship with 1300 Cleaning Group, another locally based company, who can assist you with Exterior House Washing, driveway cleaning and more.

When you choose us for roof cleaning, you can expect:

100% Satisfaction 
Efficient, effective cleaning
Fully insured workers
Professional, friendly service
Full 30-month guarantee 

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